I am passionate about UX research because it combines analytical discovery of insights and psychological skills like understanding, empathizing, and talking to people.

  • I have experience in several different research methods: interviews, usability tests, A/B testing. I have extensively utilised all of these methods in my experience at Bending Spoons, a leading mobile app developer in Europe.

  • I have also practiced quantitative and qualitative methods while conducting my research in the field of Virtual Reality, that I have presented at a major international Cyberpsychology research conference (CYPSY26). That experience allowed me to sharpen my presentation and communication skills, and to present my findings to a wide audience.

  • I have a Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design. My education also gave me a deep knowledge of design methods such as Design Thinking, Human-centered design, but also advanced user interfaces and research methods. My Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering helped me build a solid framework of tech knowledge and analytical thinking.

  • I'm open-minded and willing to learn and challenge myself. I am very communicative and open to feedback, and this allows me to continuously grow my skills. I value hard work, kindness and communication.

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